Friday, May 13, 2011


My given name is Gustavo Chavez.  I was conceived sometime before March 4th, 1991.  Hobbies include that of reading, and lately this has been over run by my playing of Yu-gi-oh.  The game has gotten quite expensive as of late.  Not that I know any better, I can't say I was much into the competitive scene beforehand, mainly because I had no means of going places.  I've had my share of topping at locals.  Now, I'm trying to do the same at Regionals.  I run Gravekeeper's and am happy to say, that this will stay this way for a while. 

I tech one for her beauty
Hope this give light into who I am.  Expect to see more of me in the future, and I hope you stick around to see how this develops.  Comments are much appreciated.  Thanks and take care. 


  1. So you like dancing eh? .____. Post vid. xD

  2. I dont think you guys would appreciate chunty dancing. >.>