Sunday, May 15, 2011

Local Report

So, I had fun this past Saturday.  Friends of mine and myself decided to go try our luck at locals.  I ended up getting first and got store credit in the amount of twenty-eight dollars.  The natural thing to do of course was to buy packs.  I bought 10 packs of extreme victory (had twelve dollars in store credit beforehand).  I packed T.G. Halberd Cannon and all three of the new Blackwing monsters.  Below is my current decklist, which I will be working on later to include either eradicator epidemic virus or deck devastation virus. I'm leaning more towards the latter.  So without further ado:

2- Gravekeeper's Priestess
3- Gravekeeper's Recruiter
3- Gravekeeper's Spy
3- Gravekeeper's Descendant
2- Gravkeepeer's Assailant
3- Gravkeeper's Commandant

1- Allure of Darkness
1- Book of Moon
1- Dark Hole
2- Gravekeeper's Stele
2- Mystical Space Typhoon
3- Necrovalley
2- Solidarity
1- Swords of Revealing Light

2- Bottomless Trap Hole
3- Compulsory Evacuation Device
1- Mirror Force
1- Rite of Spirit
1- Royal Oppression
2- Seven Tools of the Bandit
1- Torrential Tribute

Let me know what you think. Comments, Concerns?  Leave em below.  Thanks and take care.
P.S.  Regionals on the fourth of June; can't decide if to attend or not.

1 comment:

  1. Viruses!!!!! o,O
    I know i played against you, but i'm still no expert on Gravekeeper's :\
    Overall, the viruses seem to be a good addition to them since they do get the power boost from solidarity and necrovalley, making them even more useful.