Sunday, May 15, 2011


I'd like to take some time to explain the title.  From time to time I will post poetry.  I know I'm not the best, but I wanna get my voice out there.  So here's a sample:

Open the door of your heart
even if what I may find will hurt me.
Don't Hesistate,
Never doubt it is best.
In the end, I will remain,
You will see its truth.

       A secluded heart gaining pace.
              Ice into Fire.
 Yet you run-
 -from what could be...
Ignoring, Leaving, Forgetting,
the beat of my heart.

     My selfish thoughts
     long to caress those beautiful features
     upon your angelic face.
     No, something more,
     Emotion is intertwined with desire.
     Once again, I am yours.

Perhaps with time
these words may fade;
        but written in our heart
        they will never lose their glow
        among the darkness of our despair.

Though our time together
has reached the limit of its forever.
Never forget,
Never doubt it is best.
In the end, I will remain,
For what choice do I have?

I pray that these words speak for themselves.  But above all else, I hope that they have invoked in you some emotion.  Thanks and take care.

Its serene.